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Specialty Dental Services in Ann Arbor MI

Sleep Apnea / Snoring Devices (TAP 3 Appliance)

Sleep Apnea and snoring can be potentially serious disorders, causing breathing to stop and start during sleep. Huron Dental’s expert dentists can provide you with safe and effective options to reduce or eliminate these frustrating and dangerous issues.  For additional information about this Sleep Apnea treatment, contact Huron Dental Center.

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N20 (Laughing Gas)

Our office provides complementary Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) for those who need some help to ease anxiety. Our staff can help determine the best option for you to help with fears commonly associated with dentistry. 

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Laser Aided Procedures

Our laser surgery utilizes the tools of laser periodontal technology to treat diseases of the gum that can lead to and cause tooth and decay, which can affect your immune system, causing illness and infections.   Our laser dentistry can treat the following:

  • Laser Treament of Herpetic Lesions
  • Laser Aided Procedures -Frenectomy, Gingivoplasty, Soft Tissue Biopsy

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Oral Pathogens Screening Test

Gum disease is now known to be strongly linked to a common genetic mutation that causes the immune system to react to certain bacteria in the mouth. Oral cancer is another disease in which viral DNA is a factor.  An oral pathogens screening test can locate these diseases.

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Mouth Guard / Night Guards

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth from harm but they also protect your lips, tongue and cheeks.An additional advantage of wearing their mouth guards is that it will reduce jaw clenching which is common during intense competition.  Clenching releases cortisol which can diminish concentration and endurance.  The best mouth guards are custom fitted and are made of soft plastics.  Mouth guards should be worn during contact sports like football and hockey or while skateboarding and snowboarding where there is a high risk of impact from a fall or wipeout.

When teeth grinding, bruxism, occurs during our sleep we are often unaware of it.  Frequently, you learn of your teeth grinding sessions from a family member or because the grinding has created health problems.  Grinding wears on your tooth’s enamel and can make those teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids.   Grinding can also make your jaw sore and may lead to temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJD.  If you have experienced TMJD, you know that is very uncomfortable.  Your jaw will click or lock as you open your mouth.  If TMJD worsens it may or may not be treatable through surgery. 

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